Cohiba Cigars

The first Cohiba cigars were manufactured under Ernesto Che Guevara's distinction, in the 60's, when he had the position of Minister of Industries, in the newly born revolutionary Cuban government. Che selected the most outstanding specialists in terms of habanos, as Avelino Lara and Eduardo Rivero, from Larrañaga.

The production of the very first tree models began in 1968: the Lanceros (great panatella), the special Coronas (corona) y the Panatellas (cigarettes despite their name). However, it commercialization began in 1982 with an immediate success. Later on, two new series were launched, having the required qualities to have a softer cigar.

The Classic Branch was introduced in 1989, which included the Esplendid (Churchill), the Robustos (Robustos) and the Exquisite (Panatella); in 1992 was introduced the 1492 branch, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Colombus' first arrival to Cuba. There are five models of the 1492 branch: the so called 1st.Century (tiny corona), the 2nd Century (petit corona), 3rd Century (corona) 4th Century (large corona) and 5th Century (Lonsdale).

Cohiba CigarsThe origin of the word Cohiba is on the name the Cuban aborigines gave to the rustic roll they prepared with its leaves. At the arrival of Colombus in 1492 they already knew and used the tobacco plant.

The tobacco used for the manufacturing of this line is very special. The Cohiba is not a major production, considering it is a particular Habano. It is very limited due to the quality of the harvest.

The tobacco is harvested in Fine Vegas (plantations), selected in Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Rio province). Especially in the Vegas el Corojo is produced a soft cape of a fine texture and light color. In terms of the fillers, it uses the best leaves of the best fine sunny plantations in Pinar del Rio, from san Luis and San Juan. Another of the characteristic of the Cohiba is the so called "third fermentation”. It consists in a special process of slight fermentation and aging.

This branch is commercialized in Spain, France, Swiss, Great Britain, Benelux, Hong Kong, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Canada, Brazil the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. The Cohiba cigars are manufactured in El Laguito, (this factory also produces Trinidad), and it has the reputation to hire the best rollers of the region. It also employs a group of quality control to examine constantly the different cigars, in every of the phases of production.