Fonseca Cigars

The brand Fonseca was registered in Havana in 1907, by the Spanish Francisco Fonseca, whose picture is still reproduced in the boxes' top of these cigars.

After his decease, in 1930 the widow, Doña Teresa Boetticher, continued the successful business with the counselling of specialist on the matter. Some time afterwards, Mrs. Boetticher decided to join the Fonseca brand to T. Castañeda and G. Montero's workshop.

From this association was born the enterprise Castañeda, Montero, Fonseca S.A, located in 466 Galiano Street, in Havana. Since the last years, its Fonseca Cigars production has been made in a factory of hand-made cigars in Quivicán, a small town in Havana province, some kilometres from the capital. Fonseca brand is outstanding not only because of its quality, but also because it is the only cigar presented in a silky paper wrap (fine and transparent).

The leaves come from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio). The Fonsecas are commercialized mainly in Spain and Canada.