Partagas Cigars

In the first half of the 19th century a Catalan predicted excellent results to the hand made cigars business.

In 1845, Don Jaime Partagás gave his name to a new cigar brand, the one that achieved celebrity very soon. In that way was opened the Royal Factory of Cigars Partagás.

Jaime Partagás was one of the first cigarmakers who was strictly careful in improving the techniques to increase the production, mainly the fermentation area.

Don Jaime was found dead in one of his plantations in Vuelta Abajo; it is said that the cause was related to love affairs, jealousy and revenge. After his deceased his descendants continued his work.

Afterwards the factory was sold to José A. Bances and Ramón Cifuentes, and had several owners through time. Nowadays, the Royal Factory of Cigars Partagás is still manufacturing excellent cigars, as in the times of Don Jaime.

Partagas Cigars The factory is placed in a beautiful building of colonial style on Industria Street, in the Old Havana. It is the oldest of Cuba, and one of the greatest attractions in the capital of the island. It is a place of obligatory visit for the cigar's fans. In this factory appeared for first time the reader, who had the mission to read aloud the newspapers and novels to the rollers while they were working.

This well known brand is made out of tobacco from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio). The 8-9-8 Partagás are probably the most famous ones, these cigars are known by their aroma and taste mid –strong; rolled very carefully and generally wrapped with a light color.

It is commercialized in Spain, France, Benelux, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Canada, East Europe, Hong Kong, Swiss, Germany and Great Britain.

It has received several awards in events related with the cigars world and others. For example, in 1879 the brand Partagás was awarded with the Golden Medal of the Universal Exhibition, held in Paris.