Por Larrañaga Cigars

A Spaniard called Ignacio Larrañaga founded Por Larrañaga trademark in 1834. His factory always has been in the Cuban capital: first at 94 O'Reilly Street, then at the number 713 on the corner of Carlos III and Árbol Seco, and at present in La Corona factory, also in Havana.

Por Larrañaga cigars use tobacco leaves coming from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Río). Enveloped in a fine cedar lea; they are a true work of art because of their exquisite display.

Por Larrañaga has always compensated the lack of a great cigar production with the quality of its vitolas. Among them are outstanding the Lolas in Cedar, the Small Coronas and the Magnums.

Por Larrañaga These large fillings cigars can be made mechanically or hand rolled; they have wrapper and a capote leaf. The mechanized production uses cellophane.

They are commercialized basically in Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, France, Switzerland, Africa and the Middle East.