Ramón Allones Cigars

This is one of the earliest cigar trademarks, registered in 1845 by another Spanish emigrant, Don Ramon Allones, born in Galicia, who started to elaborate these cigars at 129 Animas Street in Havana. Ramon Allones is considered an innovator tobacconist, because he was the first in using the views to decorate the boxes inside. Those colorful designs are part of the artistic patrimony and are appreciated by collectors.

He also introduced the 8-9-8 format: cigarettes are displayed in three rows (of eight, nine and eight units each). He also was the first one who introduced the 25 cigar boxes with their several dimensions; at the moment, these cedar containers are irreplaceable in the tobacco trading.

Ramon Allones Cigars In 1920 the trademark was acquired by the Partagás proprietors, the Cifuentes family.

Ramon Allones cigars are strong and have strong savoriness. Nowadays all it's vitolas are still handmade in the Partagás factory. Although they follow the Partagás standards and formats to a great extent, Ramon Allones has less strength.

The origin of its tobacco is from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Río). Ramon Allones cigars are basically commercialized in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Great Britain, the Far East, Africa and the Middle East.