San Cristóbal de La Habana Cigars

This cigar brand is a perpetual homage to the Cuban capital. Its exquisite aroma and the history of the city that gives it name and life converge in this cigar's jewel.

Although, it was introduced to the market just ten years ago " to celebrate the 480th anniversary of the foundation of the village San Cristobal de La Habana" it's in the preference of the most demanding consumers.

These cigars are stored in 25 units' boxes, preserving the impeccable lithography, one of the treasures that distinguish the brand.

Its four vitolas are part of a series dedicated to the wall defence system of castles or military fortress in the capital of the largest of The Antilles; they are the recognition to a time, a history and the most autochthonous Cuban tradition.

San Cristóbal de La Habana Cigars These four vitolas are:

The Principe: A small vitola of 11 millimetre long and 42 clasp; it evokes pleasure in few minutes. It is made to share with friends and to enjoy the plenitude of a moment.

La Punta: A perfect manufacture, renewing the tradition and distinction of an ideal vitola for business men; mainly if it is about tasting a cigar after a successful commercial transaction. Its structure is 140 millimetres long and 52 clasp.

La Fuerza: Its balance, its unique structure, impossible to find in any other brand, as well as its kindness, grant to this vitola of 141 millimetres long and 50 clasp, something different, a distinction, a special charm.

El Morro: Its majestic elegance, all its internal strength and splendour are in this vitola conceived to be tasted in the intimacy of a resting time. It has 180 millimetres long and 49 clasp.